Our Scrapbook...
The Sundance Expess at the
2006 Radford University Showcase
Gussie, Ashley, Graham, & Dorothy
at Radford
"Magic Carpet Ride"
Our finishing pose - Radford
A proud instructor - Radford
Graham - 1st place
Gussie - 2nd place
To left:
Gussie getting down

To right:
Dorothy stepping it out
Ashley - 3rd place
Gussie - 2nd place
Jessie (right) - 2nd place
Graham @ Radford
Overall Male
Grand Champion!!!
The Sundance Express at our
first competition, The 2007
Southern Virginia Clogging
Classic hosted by Amanda
Drewry and the Southern
Sweethearts. Members are
(front,l-r) Dorothy Stephenson
(director), Graham Kershner,
Gussie Young, (back, l-r) Holly
Thorton and Lisa Johnson
Sundance at the
Southern Virginia
Clogging Classic. Front:
Dorothy Stephenson,
Graham Kershner,
Gussie Young Back:
Holly Thorton and Lisa
Sundance Express
members Graham,
Dorothy and Parke
perform at the
Sundance Studio
Grand Opening on
May 12, 2007.
Gussie and Dorothy
giving a
demonstration on
the History of
Appalachian Dance
at the June Second
Dorothy and Graham at
Myrtle Beach, S.C. after
Dieter's Clogging Beach
Jam. 2007 Female and
Male Amatuer Grand
Champion Soloists!!!
The Sundance Express on the sands of Myrtle Beach at Dieter's Beach Jam.
(front row) Gussie and Jessie Young. (back row) Graham Kershner, Ashley
Waggoner, Dorothy Stephenson and Parke Kershner. (June 2007)
Having a good time at
the Orange County
Clogging Competition.
Ashley, Dorothy,
Graham, Gussie and
Jessie. This was
Jessie's last
competition before she
left for boot camp and
Gussie's last
competition before she
left for college in
Colorado to attend
Photography School.
We'll miss you guys!!!
Special thanks to the
Orange County
Cloggers for
organizing the
competition. Way to go,
guys! One more
competition in Virginia!
Sundance Scrapbook